126 sitios en internet para editar tus fotos gratis

Puedes poner tu fotos en las portadas de más de 700 revistas. Casi todas las revistas conocidas (En Inglés) están disponibles. También le puedes añadir un sin números de efectos a tus fotos. A continuación les dejos los link:

Manipulación y efectos de fotos gratis

  1. www.Funny.Pho.to – Use 75 funny layouts with your photos.
  2. www.PizAp.com – Make your photos silly and goofy by adding props.
  3. www.SillyScenes.com1000 novelty overlays & awesome frames, add “zing to your zang”.
  4. www.MakeSweet.com – Make neat 3D models (creates large files that may transfer slow).
  5. www.PhotoFunia.com – Upload photos and create neat 50 effects.
  6. www.LunaPic.com – Online photo editor and neat photo tricks (special effects & animations).
  7. www.BigHugeLabs.com – Motivational poster creator and other fun Flickr mashups.
  8. www.MoronFace.com – Gooify your photos into silly and funny pics.
  9. www.Gooifier.com – Add crazy goo effects and distort your images online.
  10. www.LiftMagic.com – Give yourself a virtual facelift.
  11. www.MirrorEffect.net – Make reflected mirror copies of your pics.
  12. www.Moonjee.com – Blend & morph faces, virtual makeover.
  13. www.BodySwitcher.com – Your face on a celeb’s head (300 templates) or body.
  14. www.FaceInHole.com – Put your face in fun pics, inserted photo to swap facial.
  15. www.Mirrorizer.com – Full reflecting mirror effects for your images! 2 or 4 mirrored panels.
  16. www.PicHacks.com – Get right and left hemisphere side of face made symmetrical.
  17. www.Dumpr.net – Create marvelous photos to share with friends & family.
  18. www.Fotline.ws – Make your photos wiggle and dance with fun animations.
  19. www.SignGeneratorMaker.com – Make your own sign generators with your hosted images.
  20. www.BeFunky.com – Make photos look like paintings, sketches and other art forms.
  21. www.HairMixer.com – Try out other hairstyles (without going to salon) with your recent picture.
  22. www.JPGfun.com – Upload photo, select from many fun frames and layouts.
  23. www.PhotoVisi.com – Make a poster sized photo collage online for free.
  24. www.FotoCrib.com – Create montages and rounded corners. Convert images (jpg, png, gif, pdf).
  25. www.RoundPic.com – Give your images round corners.
  26. www.Blingee.com – The tacky image “tacker”, tack on animations to your photos.
  27. www.PicMod.net Add photos to unique templates.*
  28. www.SpiffyText.com – Add cool 3D text to any photo/picture.
  29. www.WriteOnIt.org30 interesting templates to place your photos in.
  30. www.TuxPi.com30 templates to insert your photo into.
  31. www.ImageLoop.com – Create slideshows for your blogging sites (MySapce, FaceBook).
  32. www.DeeFunia.com – Make your photos more interesting.
  33. www.Flauntr.com – Add stunning effects to your photos.
  34. www.WetFloorMaker.com – Add a mirrored reflection, reflect your self…
  35. www.PicReflect.com – Simple image reflection effect (non animated).
  36. www.WaterEffect.net – Add water ripple effect (like a calm lake).
  37. www.WavyEffects.com – Make your photos into animated flag like animations.
  38. www.Caption.it – Caption photos or write text on premade layouts, over 200 choices.*
  39. www.Picasion.com – Supply each image scene and you will get an animated GIF.
  40. www.3d-Pack.com – Make fake product boxes (like software comes in).
  41. www.Blingee.com – Put some glitter or bling on your pictures and animate them!
  42. www.PikiPimp.com – Pimp out your images with some BLING!
  43. www.Your-Frames.ru – Russian (non English) site to make framed pics.
  44. www.Photo505.com – More fun photo frames to throw your photos in.*
  45. www.KickPlay.com – Make personalized Flash games with your branded images.
  46. www.FrameShow.com – Frame your photos.
  47. www.FakeMyPic.com – More silly frames for your photographs.*
  48. www.ScrapbookGenerator.com – Insert photos into 250 scrapbooking overlays/frames & WordArt.
  49. www.YearBookYourself.com – Make “forgery” yearbook pics with your photos.
  50. www.PosterGenerator.com150 poster layouts, you can be the star!*
  51. www.AnyMaking.com – Various effects and photo overlays.
  52. www.UpFramr.com – Frame your photos with 25 scenes.
  53. www.Montagraph.com – Create photo montages with fun templates.*
  54. www.TiltShiftMaker.com – Manipulated to look like miniature model photographs.
  55. www.Festisite.com – Make personalized counterfeit money (not legal tender).
  56. www.PicJoke.com – Yet more fun photo montages frames & borders.
  57. www.FakeMagazineCover.com750 covers of real & parody magazines, your face on cover!.
  58. www.MagMyPic.com30 fake magazine covers to put your photo on.
  59. www.MyPictureOnMagazine.com12 magazine cover layouts for your photos.
  60. www.FrontPageYou.co.uk – Your face on front page (cover) of magazine.
  61. www.OnCoverPage.com – Upload photo to magazine cover, add text captions at the same time.
  62. www.YourMagicPhoto.com – Fun frames for your photos (AKA PhotoMontager.com).*
  63. www.ViralFuns.com – Morph, drag, rotate & 30 templates to make viral picz.*
  64. www.Photo2Text.com – Turn your photo into ASCII text.
  65. www.PicAscii.com – Picture to ASCII (color or black/white).
  66. www.FotoTrix.com – HUGE collection of fun frames & effects for your digital photos.
  67. www.FunPhotoBox.com – Over 75 neat photo effects (digital overlays) for your photos.
  68. www.MakeHotPics.com – More frames and some reflecting for photos.
  69. www.FrameFuns.com – Cute borders and frames for your photos.
  70. www.MyFrame.us – Make your photos look framed.
  71. www.ShapeCollage.com – Create fun shaped collages to download.
  72. www.InStyle.com – Change hair styles for a virtual make over.
  73. www.Stamps.comNot 100% free! Make USA postage stamps with your photos!
  74. www.Picture2Life.com – Edit, Collage, Animate and Share your pictures online.
  75. www.Blibs.com – Fun photo effects & slideshows.
  76. www.ClubDud.com – More photo fun with frame and border montages.
  77. www.PuriCute.com – Japanese style add-ons & borders for photos.
  78. www.MyMovieMoment.com – Put your face in a Block Buster movie clip.
  79. www.ChooseYourSurrogate.com – Design 3D model using 3D PhotoFace technology.
  80. www.SideKick.com – Put 2 faces of the breakdancers and get a funny movie.
  81. www.GlitterPhoto.net – Glitterize your photos with animated text and effects.
  82. www.WishAFriend.com80 effects templates to put your photo in.*

Editores de Fotos basados en la Web

  1. www.Pixlr.com – Upload a photo and use the neat digital photography editor online.
  2. www.SplashUp.com – Online photo editor and web based photo touch-ups.
  3. www.DrPic.com – Fix up your digital photos online and do some editing.
  4. www.SmushIt.com – Optimization of your photos, make smaller web graphics.
  5. www.CropResize.com – Crop and resize images online without software like PhotoShop.
  6. www.FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.com – Free online photo editor (duh).
  7. www.FotoFlexer.com – Complete photo editing web application.
  8. www.SnipShot.com – Simple point & click online photo editor.
  9. www.FotoTrix.com – Online photo tricks, plug-ins & basic editor in one.
  10. www.OnlinePhotoTool.com – Web 2.0 image editor.
  11. www.Resize.it – Cropping and resizing of graphics online.
  12. www.Pixer.us – Edit pix online 🙂
  13. www.Aviary.com – Advanced online editor, free registration required.
  14. www.SumoPaint.com – Sort of a freebie version of PhotoShop in Flash.

Efectos de webcam a imagen

  1. www.Cameroid.com – Turn your web camera into neat effects and save as JPG.
  2. www.SillyWebcam.com750 layouts, pose for your live webcam to make JPGs.
  3. www.Webcamtastic.com – Turn your live video stream to goo, weird visual effects, etc.
  4. www.MashFace.com – Make lips move on photo templates. Free membership.

Generadores de textos para imágenes

  1. www.SignGenerator.org500 sign generators, change the letters in the “real” signs & promos.
  2. www.BoobSigns.com100 sexy models holding signs with your message (adult area).
  3. www.Says-It.com – Neat “royal shields” to self mutilation (cutting personalized text into arm, yuck).
  4. www.Hetemeel.com10 fun txt to pic generators to make dynamic images.
  5. www.Txt2Pic.com5,000 text to picture image generators.
  6. www.ImageChef.com – Make cool avatars for MSN Messenger or places like FaceBook.
  7. www.ComicStripGenerator.com – Make cartoons for your blogs or forum signatures, 500 toons.
  8. www.DangerSignGenerator.com50 industrial warning labels (post around town, school, subway).
  9. www.Glitterizer.com – Create animated GIF graphics with your own personal words “on the fly”.
  10. www.InteractImage.com – Convert basic text to an image.
  11. www.ChurchSignGenerator.com10 church sign generators with your custom letters.
  12. www.SignGeneratorMaker.com – Make your own sign generators!
  13. www.HappyFaceGenerator.com – Create customized smilies and silly happy faces.
  14. www.JellyMuffin.com – Convert text to sparkling glitter effects and animations.
  15. www.AvatarGenerator.org – Make 500 small avatars for profile pics.
  16. www.Is-A-Jerk.com – Customize a Flash ecard satire to offend someone politely.
  17. www.UntitledStates.com12 high detailed text to picture generators.
  18. www.Text2Logo.com – Make free logos and blog headers, 750+ styles & effects.
  19. www.ImageTxt.com – Handful of text to image generators.
  20. www.CoolText.com – Create cool text and buttons for web sites.
  21. www.Creatr.cc – Make parody Web 2.0 logos to download in PNG format.
  22. www.RSSbuttons.com – Make blog mini labels online.
  23. www.LetterJames.com – Write your own custom text on different items.

Software gratis para edición de imagenes

  1. www.Gimp.org – Freeware PhotoShop 6.0 clone.
  2. www.Blender.org – Free 3D rendering software package.
  3. www.Poladroid.net – Turn digital pics into Polaroid looking snapshots.
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